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Winter Fire Safety Tips for 2019

Fire Safety

Winter is the perfect time to brush up on some basic fire safety tips.

With the temperatures dropping and everyone staying home with family, winter is the perfect time to catch up on home fire safety. While fire hazards exist all year, winter is often a season where they are more important to watch out for. Whether you have an open fire, a few candles, or are just running your furnace, being aware and prepared is essential for the safety of everyone in your home. Start by always following routine maintenance for your home heating system and furnace. Many easy fire risks can be created by poor care, all of which can be easily fixed.

Be Aware of Candles and Space Heaters

Two of the biggest threats to your home fire safety may have the appearance of harmlessness. Candles and space heaters should only be used when an adult is supervising. Both have the potential to start fires if accidents happen. While they may seem less of a threat than a fireplace, both can still cause severe damage and injury.

Keep Fireplaces Covered

Fireplaces and wood stoves can be a great way to decrease your heating bills and add to your home’s hygge factor, but they both need plenty of attention. Keeping a tempered glass or metal protector in front of the fire will help ensure that no sparks or wood can fall out of the brazier.

Test Smoke Alarms

Many smoke alarms claim to have a long lifetime, but they should still be checked regularly. At least once a year check that the batteries in each alarm are working and replace any that seem to have died. Alarms should be in every bedroom, the kitchen, laundry room, and anywhere with heat producing utilities.

Check Chimneys and Vents

An easy piece of maintenance that many forget is that chimneys and vents need to be cleaned regularly. Hiring a chimney sweep (or sweeping yourself) will prevent the buildup of materials within the chimney that could cause dangerous fires. Having a professional ensure that the system is clean, open, and functional will help keep you and your home safe this winter!

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