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Why it is Crucial to Seek Professional Mold Remediation for Your Home Immediately

Why it is Crucial to Seek Professional Mold Remediation for Your Home Immediately

Regardless of how harmless a small patch may seem, you must take action immediately to keep mold from spreading and continuing to grow in your home.

When your home is exposed to moisture, you’re in a high-risk situation that doesn’t relent until everything has been thoroughly cleaned, dried, and is completely mold free. Mold can grow almost anywhere, and once it’s made itself at home, it can be difficult to remove. Regardless of how harmless a small patch may seem, you must take action immediately to keep it from spreading and continuing to grow, because once it gets in full swing, the damage it creates can be exponential.

What are Ideal Growth Conditions for Mold?

One frustrating aspect of mold is that it is highly opportunistic, meaning that it only needs a few things to get itself growing strong. In areas where the temperature is an average of 68º or higher, there is consistent moisture and not too much direct sunlight, mold and mildew can thrive.

How Does It Spread?

Mold is dangerous in homes and buildings because of how quickly and easily it can spread and grow. Mold reproduces through spores, which can float through the air of your home searching for new areas to call home. Once the spores have landed in a suitable location, they take off running, and mold will be growing within 24-48 hours. Within 14 days mold can create a fully functioning colony throughout your home; once you find it, you have to act fast because it’s likely already well developed.

Where Does Mold Grow?

While mold can grow on almost anything, it particularly likes damp, cellulose materials like textiles, wood, paper, and paint. This is why you should always regularly check any non-airtight storage boxes as mold and quickly thrive in places like boxes of old clothes or papers.

What’s the Risk?

When mold continues to grow unchecked, it can create a wide range of problems for your home that will increase over time. To start, it often has an unpleasant and significant smell, while the scent may not be an immediate problem, as the mold grows the scent will increase. Next, it can cause damage and decay to your home and belongings. Over time mold will eat away at whatever cellulose material it has made its home. If this is a box of papers you might lose priceless family information; if it’s the wooden framework of your home, it might result in severe damage to your structural integrity. Mold and mildew also pose extreme health threats to anyone and everyone within your space. Because the spores are airborne, they can quickly enter the lungs of anyone who enters your home. This exposure can cause a variety of respiratory and health problems that can range in severity.

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