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Why Is Restaurant Hood Cleaning Necessary?

Why Is Restaurant Hood Cleaning Necessary?

If you have a commercial kitchen, it’s necessary to have regular hood cleanings.

Commercial kitchens are places that involve various hazards, yet must hold to a high standard of cleanliness as well. Those working in a commercial kitchen deal with grease, fire, smoke, and smells regularly and on a larger scale than in a residential one. For this reason, it is crucial to keep the air of that space clean through routine maintenance. One of the best ways to do this is to have regular restaurant hood cleaning services.

Avoid Mold and Health Issues 

A kitchen hood, when turned on, sucks in polluted air and flushes clean air back inside the room. As the hood sucks in the air above the stove, it may catch not only humidity and odors but also grease and smoke over time. Eventually, grease and smoke will form layers within the restaurant hood and affect the quality of the air. The less the vent is able to operate at its best, the less contaminated air will leave the often small working space. This poor air quality can lead to higher humidity and, therefore, mold growth. Besides the risks that mold growth bears, particles of grease and smoke can also cause serious health issues. 

Avoid a Fire

While poor air quality can lead to a host of problems, a dirty exhaust hood can also lead to a fire. Grease can be a fuel source for it, so if enough builds up within the vent’s walls and a flame ascends from a cook’s pan below, the fire could catch onto the hidden grease and ignite the rest of the building. 

Adhere to the Regulations

No matter how often you use your commercial kitchen, whether around the clock, seasonally, or on occasion, your restaurant hood will need professional cleaning at some point. It is a given that a commercial kitchen must adhere to the local codes and regulations; professional restaurant hood cleaning will protect the workers, food, and building from harm. 

How Often to Clean

As someone overseeing a commercial kitchen, you may wonder how often you will need to clean the hood. The hood is vital for regulating the air’s cleanliness, but the cleaning schedule will depend on how often people use the kitchen. If it is a 24/7 or fast food kitchen, monthly maintenance is best. For more details, don’t hesitate to call Air Quality Remediation.

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