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When Routine Air Duct Cleaning Is Essential for Your Business

When Routine Air Duct Cleaning Is Essential for Your Business

Whether regular air duct cleaning in homes is a must is under debate, but for commercial buildings, it is a must.

In a commercial building, the stakes for keeping all occupants safe and healthy are high. Still, with all the work that is to be done, few worry about cleaning the air ducts. Is it really necessary to schedule a yearly commercial air duct cleaning? Isn’t changing the filter enough? While many recently say that regular air duct cleaning is not essential, it is a duty that cannot be ignored.

Build-Up of Dirt

It is normal for air ducts to accumulate some level of dustiness. Air ducts will likely never be completely free from dust particles, and that is okay. A little dust will not affect the overall air quality of a commercial building. Moreover, dirt that collects in air ducts tends to stick to the interior walls of the ducts, so little to no dirt or dust comes into the regular working spaces.

Even so, dirt does build up over the years. While the difference two years makes might not be so big, 17 years might matter a little bit more. Everything requires cleaning out at some point; the frequency one schedules a routine air duct cleaning depends on the system’s access to fresh air. Some HVAC units might be located on the roof, or in some area that tends to be dusty. The more frequently you need to change the filter, the more often you need air duct cleaning as well as cleaning for the whole unit. 

Save Money

Because commercial HVAC systems use a variable frequency drive (VFD), they are set to run at a certain rate. When grime builds up inside, the VFD will ramp up to maintain its power and cost you a lot more for the same heating and cooling.

Mold in Air Ducts

Over the debate on how essential or non-essential commercial air duct cleaning is, however, there are a few cases in which all parties agree that a cleaning is necessary. Mold growth in air ducts is one of those cases. Mold simply should not grow inside a building, no matter in what location. Mold spores can spread and contaminate a space.

Pests in Air Ducts

Another problem requiring a commercial air duct cleaning is that of pests living within air ducts. Birds, bugs, rodents, and insects can get caught inside and make the ducts their home. Debris from these can fly into a living space. It is best to have a professional safely remove any living creatures within a confined space.

Health Issues

Needless to say, a high build-up of dirt and dust, mold growth, and pests are sufficient reasons to call a remediation company. However, in normal conditions, there may be evidence for otherwise. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports, “Duct cleaning has never been shown to actually prevent health problems. Neither do studies conclusively demonstrate that particle (e.g., dust) levels in homes increase because of dirty air ducts.” This is likely true; even so, this does not mean air ducts should not receive any care at all, especially in commercial buildings.

While changing the air filter can keep an HVAC unit clean for years, the build-up of dirt does happen over time. This will affect the general air quality as well as the performance of the HVAC unit. Therefore, clean air ducts matter for the health of a building’s inhabitants and the health of the HVAC as well. Commercial air duct cleaning need not happen every year necessarily, but an appropriately routine cleaning will go a long way.

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