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When Is Emergency Mold Removal Needed?

When Is Emergency Mold Removal Needed?

Is mold growth in the home really an emergency? Here’s when you need remediation.

Mold can turn up any place in your home. As nature’s way of helping organisms decompose quicker, it can grow and spread on just about any surface, like furniture, drywall, food, and more. Mold in anyone’s house is bad news, yet mold is also natural, in a way. While no one wants mold to grow where it shouldn’t, mold particles in the air will be as present in the home as they are in the natural world. Even if you find unwanted mold growth, such as on some old food in the refrigerator, it is no big deal to get rid of it. So, when exactly is emergency mold removal needed?

The Mold Is Causing Health Issues

Mold can vary in its level of toxicity, but many molds are indeed harmful to human beings. If you have very young children, elderly people, or people with weakened immune systems in a home with mold, the chance of sickness is far more severe. It is important to contact an emergency mold removal company as soon as you suspect such a health risk. Even if you do not have a more sensitive immune system, anyone can have a mold allergy or sensitivity with debilitating effects. 

Moreover, toxic molds release toxins that can be detrimental to anyone’s health. Common symptoms of toxic mold exposure include itchy, watery eyes, itchy skin, coughing, itchy or runny nose, and a tight chest. A strange smell in a part of the house, such as a basement, can also indicate the presence of potentially harmful mold.

The Ability for Mold to Spread

Any type of mold in the home has the ability to spread very fast depending on the conditions. Mold loves darkness and humidity, so it will repopulate swiftly in places with these qualifiers. Mold growth can be a hazard especially if your home has just been flooded or has a moisture problem. Other issues that can facilitate mold growth is a leak in a pipe or the roof. Poor drainage systems can significantly affect the risk of basement flooding as well. The greater the moisture, the greater the need for an emergency mold removal.

The Mold Has Spread

Worst case scenario, the mold has forged abstract patterns across your walls and eaten your furniture and important documents whole. Even if the mold has not gone beyond your bathroom, however, it is best to call a professional to deal with toxic mold growth safely, once and for all. While solutions exist for smaller-scale jobs, an emergency mold removal is needed for particularly large, toxic areas and surfaces a professional would know how to salvage.

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