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What To Do in a House Fire

What To Do in a House Fire

In the event of a house fire, take these precautions for safety and restoration.

As you go through daily life, there are various safety measures one can take to prevent a fire in the first place. As thousands of homes still suffer from fire damage, alertness to fire safety is more important than ever. Hopefully, you never have to endure a house fire, but if a fire does occur in your home, be aware of what to do to limit damage and reach safety. 

Signal the Alarm

If you realize that the house is on fire, alert everyone in the house immediately. Do not try to put out the fire first, and then tell everyone that a fire is loose. Shout out to everyone at once of the present danger so that you all can reach safety outdoors faster.

PASS the Fire Extinguisher

If the fire is small enough, use the fire extinguisher to try to remediate the problem as soon as possible without panicking. PASS is a common acronym to describe how to use an extinguisher properly. Pull the string, aim the nozzle at the bottom of the flames, squeeze the lever, and sweep the area from side to side. If there is still more that you cannot handle, get out of the house to a safe place.

Use Caution Entering Other Rooms

If you are in the midst of a house fire, you can test to see whether there are flames in the next room. Look for smoke seeping through the door cracks and touch the door or doorknob to feel if it is warm. If so, there are likely flames on the other side. If you open the door and see fire, close it again, as contained spaces help to limit it from spreading. 

Exit Safely and Quickly

If you can, cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth or towel to avoid smoke inhalation. Keep close to the ground as you take the nearest exit to avoid smoke and fire. If you are caught in a room, cover the vents with damp fabric as well to keep smoke out, and hang a bright cloth outside the window to let firefighters or neighbors know where you are. Once you escape, stay away from the house to avoid debris and call 911.

Seek Restoration

While a fire is scary and destructive, it does not have to devastate your life. Air Quality Remediation is a company that offers restoration services for fire and smoke damage, as well as water damage which can compound that of a house fire. In the case of a fire, not all is necessarily lost with the right restoration company. 

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