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What Are Hazardous Materials?

What Are Hazardous Materials?
Hazardous materials can be found in various forms and places. AQR is your hazmat cleanup source!

Hazardous materials are more a part of our lives than we might realize. Many households and plenty of professional workplaces carry these substances or chemicals. In some cases, the extent that hazardous materials fill a space is so far that it is not safe for anyone but a hazmat employee to enter. Below we shall discover what hazardous materials are, examples of where they might appear, and what a hazmat employee does.

Hazardous Materials

Also known as “hazmat,” these substances or chemicals are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. They may be natural substances, but can be highly dangerous even so. Many chemicals such as gasoline, propane, propylene, and sulfuric acid are highly flammable. Carbon dioxide, as seen in dry ice, is helpful for commercially shipping food, but a high concentration of the gas can be fatal. Other chemicals like chlorine bleach, pool chemicals, lawn fertilizers, and pesticides are poisonous and must be used with care. 

In the meantime, substances like mold, mildew, dust, and debris can also be a health risk for animals and humans. Mold, mildew, and dust are everywhere in nature, but in high concentrations can be toxic and cause serious health problems. Debris, such as rotting flesh or other biohazardous waste like discarded blood or skin samples, can cause infections or viruses to spread.

Places with Hazardous Materials

Commercially, one can see hazardous materials in laboratories where scientists examine specimens. Sites that produce dry ice and fireworks have their risks, as do gas stations. As mentioned before, homes also contain combustible and poisonous substances, like cleaning products. Make sure that you are storing these products safely inside or outside the home.

When these materials are well-kept, you can rest easy knowing you and your house won’t suffer from those dangers. However, clutter in a home can also cause a hazardous situation. Especially in the extreme case of hoarding, which 1 in 300 American adults practice, a house can become so unhealthy that hazmat professionals must handle the cleaning. As stuff piles up, air quality gets worse, mold, mildew, and dust collaborate, and animals (if there are any) may die. 

At a less dire level, office buildings may also suffer from a buildup of hazmats over time, causing employees to have sick building syndrome or other ailments. When toxins in the air and other poisons compound, it’s time to call a professional. 

What Does a Hazmat Employee Do?

A hazmat employee is someone who handles hazardous materials for transportation. He may be a producer of them or a remover of them. If you need their removal, call Air Quality Remediation as soon as you can. 

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