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Top 5 Causes for Home Water Damage

Top 5 Causes for Home Water Damage

When ensuring your house is safe from water damage, know the top five places where flooding may occur.

While a homeowner can protect his property in various ways and gather information on what to do in the case of water damage, one of the first things to do is to know what the causes of this damage might be. Water damage can include not only flooding in the home but a build-up of moisture as well. Within this range, there are generally five top causes on which experts agree.


Pipes are perhaps the leading cause of home water damage. A damaged pipe can cause all sorts of issues, whether on the second story or deep below the basement. Toilets and sinks may get clogged and overflow, pipes within walls may get frozen and burst, and sewage pipes facing an intrusive tree root can suffer as well. Checking and maintaining your pipes from top to bottom will keep such problems at bay.


The roof is the part of the house that serves the distinct function of keeping the elements out, especially the wet kind. Check your roof regularly to ensure that no water is pooling up there. As water is heavy, this can eventually cause a leak. Check around the perimeter of the roof for other holes, and make sure those gutters are clear of debris, which can cause drainage problems.


Appliances, such as HVAC units, washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc., are also on the top for causing water damage. Air conditioners are particularly notorious for having the potential to get leaky over time. Watch out for rust, moisture, bulging, and cracks, and practice regular maintenance.


If any part of your home is likely to get flooded or moist, it is the basement, as it is the lowest. A combination of issues such as poor drainage, leaking or backed-up pipes, and leakage in the walls can cause recurring basement flooding.

Nature’s Fury

Lastly, natural phenomena like heavy rains, flash flooding, and hurricanes can cause severe damage. It can be a challenge to prevent the rush of water from keeping out of the house, but with diligent care and planned precautions, your home can withstand the storm.

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