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Tips: Storm Damage to Your Business

Tips: Storm Damage to Your Business

In the case of storm damage to your business, follow these procedure tips.

Hurricanes, storms, and other severe weather can truly put a damper on your business and cause thousands of dollars in damage. A bad storm can affect the economy, closing stores for extended periods of time, or in some cases, permanently. Of course, there are means by which one can protect a business before a storm to lessen the chance or impact of damage. At the same time, it is crucial to be aware of what to do in the case of storm damage.

Stay Safe

First, stay safe. Keeping out of harm’s way is your utmost priority. It is best to avoid an area affected by a storm until the danger of flooding is completely past. Then, one can go over to the business location and inspect the condition of the premises. 

Call Your Insurance Company

Next, call your insurance company to report any damages and clarify what the company can and cannot cover in your case. Take photos, notes, or video of any damage to accurately represent the condition of your business. See if you are happy with your insurance company’s deal and file a claim quickly, or else look for a new insurer.

Seek Funding

Whatever your insurance company does not cover, your business can get back on its feet quicker through federal and other forms of aid. Apply for an SBA (US Small Business Administration) loan. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) can assist in filing a claim, legal issues, and funding.

Call a Professional Restoration Company

Once you have sorted out your insurance coverage, call a professional restoration company as soon as possible. The longer water damage remains in your business, the worse it will get. Don’t let rust or mold build up in your business. Also, do not attempt to clean up the mess yourself, as you could miss gas leaks and electrical damage that a trained professional can safely repair. A restoration company can also help determine what materials one can recycle or throw out.

Save Electric Equipment

A restoration company can also help to save your electric equipment so you don’t lose more data than you have to. Keep your data safe by storing it on a higher floor before a storm hits. If there’s a chance that your electric equipment has had contact with water, do not turn them on. Regularly save your information throughout the year on the cloud, and allow professional restorers to doctor your damaged equipment.

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