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Tips for Living in a Coastal Flooding Zone

Tips for Living in a Coastal Flooding Zone

If your home is in a coastal flooding zone, you may want to take these precautions.

This past weekend, on October 12, 2019, coastal flooding affected Maryland’s coastal regions, including downtown Annapolis and Ocean City. While there was no rainfall, the tide rose high and closed off several roads. Why had the streets become so soggy? The tropical storm Melissa, heading out east from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, was pushing water back onto the shores. If you live along Maryland or Delaware’s coastal plain, your house will either need restoration or preparation for the next surge.

Get Flood Insurance

If you live in an area with a higher risk of flooding, you should consider buying flood insurance. While flood insurance will likely not be able to cover extreme property damage, living in a flood zone means having the insurance for it. Even if your policy cannot cover all possible expenses, you can at least get enough to cover your belongings. Also, many flood insurance claims come from people outside of a flood zone, so it would behoove everyone to have at least some kind of coverage.

Elevate Utilities

Utilities like the boiler, air conditioner, and so on are usually located at the bottom level of any house. In the case of coastal flooding, these expensive appliances are perhaps the most prone to expire. Elevate these utilities to a higher level by either building a platform or installing them on an upper floor. 

Elevate Electronics

Likewise, do not forget about your electronic equipment in your flood preparations. Move wires, devices, computers, etc. to an upper floor. If any of your electronics do suffer water damage, it is possible to have a professional restore the equipment.

Install a Sewer Backup Valve

Along with the utilities, the sewer is another great contender for a malfunction during a flood. Under too much pressure, the sewer could burst or get backed up into people’s homes, especially the basement. Installing an interior or exterior sewer backup valve is the nifty way to keep the nastiness away.

Call a Restoration Company

In the case that coastal flooding has damaged your home, call a restoration company at once. Flooding even as much as one inch is a destructive business, and standing water from coastal flooding does not bode well. Contact Air Quality Remediation to have your home up and running again in peak condition!

Contact Air Quality Remediation Today!

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