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The Health Risks of Hoarding

The Health Risks of Hoarding

Do you have a hoarding situation on your hands? Be aware of these possible health risks.

Hoarding is a condition that millions of Americans still face today. It is a form of OCD that is known to affect one’s ability to let go of unnecessary or even harmful items, resulting in a high risk of health decline for those living within the house. If you or a loved one are dealing with the house of hoarded items, here is what you should know about the health risks of hoarding.

A Build-up of Mold or Mildew

Before you venture into the home, know that mold and mildew may have developed in certain places over time. The tell-tale sign of hoarding is that some parts of the house become unusable and that the only way to get from one spot to another is through a narrow pathway of clutter. This build-up of clutter lends to a build-up of mold, as parts of the house that need cleaning have become neglected. Mold can have debilitating effects on one’s health, and if the damage to the home is serious enough, that part of the house can collapse when cleaned.

Decreased Air Quality

What aggravates a residential mold issue is the home’s air quality. With an overabundance of stuff, it can be more difficult for air to flow and for some rooms to gain cool air in the summer. Decreased airflow can cause a concentration of carbon dioxide or a lack of oxygen whatsoever. Meanwhile, as dirt, debris, and other matter circulate the home for lack of cleaning, the inhabitants breathe in a higher concentration of hazardous particles. 

A Bug Infestation

When a homeowner fails to maintain his residence, bugs can make it a home of their own. A bug infestation is a serious health hazard. Some species can be dangerous just for their bite, like mosquitoes, ticks, and some spiders, but an infestation can also cause the house to deteriorate and let even more debris disperse into the air. If someone disturbs their habitat, the bugs can scatter. It is best to let a professional remediation team handle the situation.

Risk of Injury and Death

Clutter can make travel across the home dangerous in practical ways. High piles have the chance of falling on top of someone, while other clutter can be a real tripping hazard. In the case of a house fire or medical emergency, hoarded clutter can trap the person and those trying to help, like firefighters, inside the house. Before such a situation occurs, call a professional mold removal and air quality specialty team to decontaminate the home safely.

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