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Thanksgiving at Christmas Packs 2,500 Meals for Families in Need

Candid photos from the Thanksgiving at Christmas event!

On December 18, Eddy Sandstrom from Air Quality Remediation joined forces with Contractors for a Cause and Mountaire to assist in packing 2,500 meals which will be distributed by local churches and organizations to local families in need.  Here is the tv spot on the event and read more below!

TV Spot:

December 18, 2018

SELBYVILLE, Del. – Hundreds of volunteers made their way back to Mountaire in Selbyville to pack thousands of boxes for Thanksgiving at Christmas.

“It’s the community helping the community. This isn’t all the tourists we live with in the summer, this is Delawareans sticking together, I love it,” explains Eddy Sandstrom, a volunteer from Contractors for a Cause:

Volunteers helped to pack up 2,500 boxes at the Mountaire facility with a delicious holiday meal. Meals that will be feeding nearly 30,000 people here on Delmarva at Christmas who might not have had one otherwise.

Roger Marino of Mountaire Farms says, “Every one of these meals is like holding somebody’s hand and saying look there is help, there’s hope, we care.”

Marino adds, “The good thing about it is that we’re doing this, people that might not of had a holiday meal. The sad thing is that there are that many people in the world, in just our little community who are hurting and who are in need.”

It’s one of three events year round that brings the whole community together to help out their neighbors.

“It’s part of giving back. If you want to get, you better start giving you know what I mean. It all works in a circle and this is just keeping that circle going. By the grace of God next year one of us could be on the receiving end instead of the giving end you just never know,” adds Sandstrom.

The filled boxes will be going out to local churches and organizations where they’ll distribute it to local families in need.

We’re told by the time Mountaire wraps up their Thanksgiving at Easter event in April, they will have fed over one million people in the Delmarva area.

Mountaire also places a job application inside every box in hopes of giving the people that receive these meals an opportunity for a job.

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