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Summer Fire Safety Tips

Summer Fire Safety Tips

Keep safe in the summer months with these fire safety tips.

In the summer, you might hear fewer stories of house fires than those of flooding or water damage. The winter has its fair share of residential fires. However, fires don’t cease to occur in the warmer months either. As the season of campfires, grills, and air conditioning comes to its peak, it is important to remember a few precautions to take during the summer months for your summer fire safety. 

Supervise the Fire

When you light a fire, whether that be a campfire, a grill, or a candle, the best practice is to keep it under your watchful eye until it’s time to put it out. Make sure that a water source, such as a simple bucket of water or a hose, is nearby. Never fall asleep at a fire, assuming it will go out on its own, and always put it out when you are done. 

Clean the Grill

Another preventative measure against a summer fire is to keep the grill clean. A fire can start from the excess oil gunk built up in the grill. Wiping down the grill, regardless of its type of fuel, will help keep the fire contained in its proper zone.

Put Out Cigarettes

Cigarettes are notorious for starting a fire in any season. Someone might discard a cigarette in the backyard, thinking its light is fully extinguished. However, a remaining spark may catch in the wind, landing on a flammable surface such as a house or a tree. To be exceedingly certain that your cigarette is out, douse it under running water to quench any remaining fire within it. The same applies to matches after lighting a fuel, like a candle.

Check the AC

Inside the house, a summer fire can also ignite from faulty air conditioning units. An air conditioning fire is most likely to start between 2 and 8 PM, which is when AC use is at its highest. An AC unit may have an electrical dysfunction, a short circuit, or even dirt which can spark a deadly flame. This is one reason why summer fire safety includes getting your air conditioning unit cleaned about once a year.

Be Alert in the Kitchen

Lastly, it can be easy to get distracted away from your cooking. Cooking also remains a top cause of house fires. Forgetting something on the stove means a potential fire, never mind a very smoky house. Keep alert in the kitchen, in the backyard, at camp, and everywhere else for your summer fire safety.

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