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Musty Beach House? Get a Mold Inspection

Musty Beach House? Get a Mold Inspection

A musty or moldy smell can be the ultimate damper to your beach time. Get to the source with a mold inspection.

Beach time is high and nigh in the summer months, when a sweet retreat in the heat by the water will do just right for a holiday. When beachgoers return or enter their beach house, though, they may get an all too common greeting from an unpleasant odor. A musty or moldy smell signals the presence of mold lurking somewhere in your vacation home. Mold can have serious consequences on health, such as allergies, trouble breathing, nausea, dizziness, and worse. While on your getaway, make sure the mold is far away.

Get a Mold Inspection

A mold inspection and assessment by a qualified mold remediation company is the first place to start. Ridding the premises of potentially hazardous mold and thereby keeping you and your fellow vacationers’ health in check is the number one priority. A good air quality remediation company will keep a discreet presence, and be thorough and accurate in their proceedings. Your place will be fresh and clean again! 

Note, however, that mold remediation is not the same as mold removal. Particles of mold exist everywhere and are just another part of the natural world. Mold will never be totally gone from the air, but mold growth does not belong indoors. All mold needs is moisture and a food source (drywall, fabric, wood, etc.) to start colonizing. This colonization is what a professional needs to safely remove.

Check for Leaks and Damage

The next step is to check for leaks in the house and damage to other items where mold may have formed. Check the house for leakage in places such as the chimney, the windows, the doors, the roof, the foundation, and the air ducts. Also, check around for and remove water-damaged items; plants, magazines, and wastebaskets are a few possible homes for mold or mildew. 

For leakage in the vacation home, a short term solution can be to encourage air circulation at once. Keep the humidity level down as much as to 50% and tell the landlord of the problem. The best solution, however, is to purge the problem at its source.

Keep It Cool

To prevent further damage from humidity in your beach house, keep cool air circulating through opening the windows occasionally, running a dehumidifier, running the air conditioning, and keeping the house clean. With these practices, you can enjoy your beach vacation mold-free!

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