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Indoor Air Quality Can Prevent Sickness

Indoor Air Quality Can Prevent Sickness

Clean air can mean a lesser chance of sickness in your home.

The winter brings the season of enjoying a cup of hot cider or cocoa, cozying up to the fire, and celebrating the holidays. Not to be outdone, colds and coughs make their presence strongly felt at this time as well. During a time when viruses seem to attack the most, you can help prevent the onslaught by taking control of your home’s indoor air quality.

Does Cold Air Cause Sickness?

Historically, people have thought that one can catch a cold or illness from staying out in the freezing rain. However, the truth is that the germs are what cause illness, not the cold. The cold does facilitate the spread of bacteria and viruses, though, since the temperature allows them to last longer in the air. Along with this, cold air can hold less water, which is why humidity is typically lower during winter. Germs live longer in the air without moisture trapping them.

Is Maryland Weather Worse?

Maryland is famous for its humid summers and milder winters, compared to the states north of it. It is not uncommon for temperatures and humidity to fluctuate during the winter. While it may have been near freezing one week, it could be in the 70s on another day in January. Abruptly changing weather can also make catching illnesses easier. People’s bodies get used to the weather, and a sudden shift can be a shock to the system, allowing germs a chance to infiltrate. Plants get confused as well, and when pollen and other allergens accumulate dry winter air, the results for health can be debilitating. 

How Can Indoor Air Quality Help?

In the winter, people tend to spend most of their hours indoors and in close quarters. An enclosed space such as a house can gather more pollutants at such a time. One of the first ways to combat harmful particles like viruses, bacteria, and dust is to change the air filter every few months. Half a year is far too long to wait. Next, consider how well your HVAC system is regulating your home’s temperature. If cold air is coming from the heater, you may need it checked or replaced. Also, make sure your home’s humidity falls between 40% and 50%. If it is too little, respiratory problems can worsen. If it is too much, your health can also suffer, and mold can develop indoors.

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