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How to Not Set Your Turkey on Fire

How to Not Set Your Turkey on Fire

Stay safe this Thanksgiving with these cooking safety tips!

In recent years it has grown more popular for people to deep-fry their Thanksgiving turkeys. However, this method often lends itself to mistakes with dangerous consequences. Thanksgiving Day has the highest rate of house fires in a given year, and deep-frying is one of the reasons. If you are still set on using the deep-fryer, here are tips on how to not set your turkey on fire.

Cook It Right

When cooking your turkey, one of the main ways to do so safely is to give your turkey the proper frying conditions. Make sure to thaw out your turkey completely and dry it off if needed, or else use a fresh turkey. When ice melts off the dethawed bird, it could cause the oil in the pot to overspill, a highly dangerous fire hazard. Speaking of which, ensure that you do not put too much oil in the pot. Spilled oil can cause burns and fires. If you can get a fryer that gauges the temperature of the oil, this would be best in keeping the pot from overheating. 

Set Up Away From the House

Before firing up the fryer, however, you can avoid setting your turkey on fire, let alone your deck and house, by arranging your deep fryer ten feet away from any combustible material. Keep the contraption on a flat surface made of concrete, brick, or stone. Too many have attempted the culinary feat on their deck with catastrophic results. 

Monitor the Meal

While it is frying, never leave the vicinity. Keep an eye on it at all times to catch any mishaps and set a timer. If you must leave the area, even for a short time, turn off the fryer first before walking away. It is never safe to leave a fire burning in an unsupervised location.

Safety First

Lastly, safety first. Have a cautious mindset when handling hot oil, using oven mitts to avoid burns, and moving the turkey in and out of the pot slowly to prevent oil splashes. Keep children and pets away from the deep fryer. To be prepared in case of an oil fire, keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Never put out a grease fire with water. However, if you follow the safety precautions above, hopefully, you will never have a turkey on fire in the first place.  

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