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Air Quality Remediation

How to Improve Air Quality at Home

How to Improve Air Quality at Home

Want to keep a clean house? Read more to find out how, inside and out.

The quality of the air you breathe is an all-important facet to life. How much more important is it that the air quality in your own home is good! While professional, routine care helps the house at its core and in an emergency, simple, everyday tasks help keep a house fresh.

Clean the Air Ducts

Start at the core of your home when looking to grab the reins of your home’s air quality. Make sure that your air ducts are free of dust, dirt, and other allergens. The air ducts of your house are the main driving force of air flow in your space besides the natural flow of air from room to room. When necessary, call the professionals to clean your air ducts to enjoy a better breathing home.

Clean the House

Keep your house’s fresh air maintained by regular cleaning. Change the air filter of your home once every couple months. Vacuum, mop, and sweep the floors routinely. Other normal chores such as doing the laundry, changing and washing the sheets, and cleaning the bathroom once a week will significantly improve a home’s air quality. A home with cleanliness inside will translate to clean air as well. Dust mites, mold, mildew, and allergens won’t stand a chance.

Have Support Systems

Support systems, such as dehumidifiers, can be necessary house maintenance utilities. In Maryland, our muggy summers can require homes to have a dehumidifier running during the day to collect unwanted moisture. Mold loves moisture, so reducing the air’s humidity to a healthy level will help keep mold from growing. The industry standard is below 65% humidity. 50% is a good level at which to set your humidifier; going below this will be ineffective for mold prevention and ramp up the electricity bill. Ionizers, ozone generators, and electrostatic filters are a few types of air purifiers to consider for added health benefits.

Do Small Things

Small things done routinely can go a long way. There is debate on whether house plants are good for the air quality of a home. Some say that studies have proven the air purifying effects of certain potted plants, while others say that plants are allergen factories in themselves. The choice is up to you. Who doesn’t love a little greenery?

Another small thing to help keep the air fresh is to open the windows. Occasionally opening a window or two can bring cool, good air through a stale, stuffy house. Even if your home is breathing well, a breeze of fresh air can be a good pick up on a nice day.

Remediation & Restoration

In case of an emergency, call the professionals immediately Mold is a substance that brings dangers if removed by oneself. Call a mold remediation company for a proper and thorough treatment of your house.

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