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Fire Safety Tips for the Christmas Season

Fire Safety Tips for the Christmas Season

With the Christmas holiday getting into full swing, watch out for fire with these safety tips.

As the holiday season has long-since started, families are already setting up their Christmas decorations or will be very shortly. Trees, wreaths, lights, and much more make up the festivities. At this time, however, people need to have the most caution in preventing a fire. To keep your holiday safe, take care to practice these fire safety tips.

Christmas Tree Care

A Christmas tree is perfectly safe to have in your home, of course, as long as the tree and the lights are in good condition. Choose a tree that is green and healthy and cut off two inches of the stump before inserting it into the tree stand. Water it regularly so it stays hydrated. Also, keep it several feet away from any heat source like a fireplace, space heater, or candle.

Electrical Issues

The lights on a tree plus the outlet used are concerns for fire, too. Check to see if the string of lights you use have any frayed or damaged wires first. If you use more than one string of lights, avoid using the same outlet to avoid overloading the circuit. Another good practice is to turn off all the lights and put out all the flames before going to bed. It is best to supervise these at all times.

Flames and Heating

Speaking of which, take care to keep flames and electrical systems away from the Christmas tree and other flammable objects, like curtains. Most house fires around this season begin through a heat source that was too close to the tree. Space heaters, in particular, should never use an extension cord to connect to electricity and should sit in a spacious area. Candles, too, should be on a sturdy surface or stand with plenty of room. If there is a higher chance of knocking over a candle or not having enough space, consider using flameless candles instead. If you use your fireplace, have a professional chimney sweep inspect it beforehand, especially if you have not cleaned it in a long time.

Preventative Measures

Overall, the way to prevent year-round house fires is to not only practice common sense and precautions but also to have a system to alert you in case a fire does happen. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors around the home, at least one on each floor and outside every room. Also, replace old batteries so that your otherwise functional detector can sound the alarm. 

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