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Fire Safety Tips for Fall

Fire Safety Tips for Fall

Keep safe this fall as you use fire in and out of the house.

Fall has come round once again, and it’s nearing time to fire up the heat inside and outside the home. Anytime of year can be a chance for fire dangers, but fall and winter have more occurrences of house fires than the spring or summer. Below are the main fire safety tips for fall.

Check the Alarms

Fall is the season for maintaining and repairing your home’s fixtures. Checking to see that your fire and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order is one of your first steps in keeping your home safe. When neglected, these crucial alarms can lose their battery power and not function during an emergency. While some models make a sound to notify you when the battery is low, others will continue to be silent. Usually, checking to see if your alarm is still working can be as simple as holding down a button until the device beeps.

Check Heating Systems

Next, have an inspection of your HVAC systems and fireplace and have them cleaned if needed. These two central heating systems can be fire hazards when not properly maintained. HVAC systems need cleaning from time to time to avoid the build-up of dust and dirt. Fireplaces can be subject to cracks, infestation of pests, and the build-up of creosote, a highly flammable deposit.

Safety Outdoors

Fire safety in the fall for the outdoors includes not parking the car on a pile of leaves. The heat alone from a car can ignite the dead leaves. Keep flammable fluids outside the house or any attachments to the house as well. If you decide to cook on a grill or light a fire pit, ensure that the fire is a safe distance from the house and on a platform wide enough to keep sparks from landing on the grass. 

Safety Indoors

Indoors, space heaters and candle flames are the biggest culprits. Give your space heater some space, about a radius of three feet. Do not lay clothing or other flammable objects on top of space heaters either. As for candles, supervise the flames at all times, and opt for artificial candles if need be. Speaking of indoor fires, never leave a fireplace fire unattended either.

Safety for the Family

Even with all your heating equipment clean and safe for a toasty fire, you and your family also have some responsibilities to keep safe. Besides keeping flammable items from catching fire and supervising the flames, your family should also have an escape plan in the case of a fire emergency. Trace multiple potential escape routes in the case that the main one is blocked. With your family alert and prepared, you will be able to practice good fire safety skills.

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