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Easy Ways To Prevent Water Damage In Your Bathroom

Learn how to prevent water damage in your bathroom.

When taking care of your home, you want to focus on all of your bathrooms.  Since the bathroom is full of pipes and large features, such as toilets, it is highly susceptible to water damage.  Maintenance is key to keeping your bathroom in good shape and preventing a pipe from bursting.  Luckily, there are a few simple ways to prevent water damage from occurring in your bathroom.

Focus On Your Toilet

When it comes to preventing water damage in your bathroom, you want to focus on the toilet.  An overflowing toilet can cause serious and costly water damage in your bathroom, so you need to avoid overworking the feature.  You only want to flush toilet paper down the system, and use proper toilet paper if you have a septic tank. You want to check the caulking the base of the structure for any cracks, which can allow water to seep under your tile flooring.

Keep It Dry

One of the major contributing factors to bathroom water damage is the shower, since several gallons of water are distributed on a daily basis.  You want to make sure your bathroom is dry after you use the shower. You want to dry off the wall and floors after each use. Make sure you have bathmats places in the room.  Remember to turn the exhaust fan on while taking a shower to reduce humidity in the room and increase air flow.

Check The Sink

You want to make sure your sink is functioning properly at all times.  Depending on the age of the your sink, pipes can start to rust and eventually fall apart.  You want to check your sink for a leaky faucet, and clean out the trap if needed. You also want to check your sink for any clogs, which can cause serious water damage.

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