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4 Signs that Your Air Ducts are in Need of Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning for Air Ducts

Are your air ducts supplying your commercial building with clean air? Watch out for these signs that they need to be professionally cleaned!

Clean air ducts are the key to clean air in almost any space. But in commercial spaces large and small, professional air duct cleaning is especially important for clean and healthy air throughout the year. While you may know that clean air ducts are crucial to healthy and comfortable breathing, do you know the signs of when to call the professionals for a duct cleaning? Consider these four helpful signs that your air ducts should be professionally cleaned in the near future.

Visible Dust on Your Vent Covers

If your vent covers appear to be covered in dust, imagine what is flowing through the air in your business! Visible dust on your vent covers is not only a sign of a necessary cleaning, but it is also a sign of poor air quality in your space. A professional duct cleaning will not only help to get your ductwork back on track, but it will also help to improve the air that you and your employees are breathing each day.

Mold Growth Around Your HVAC Unit

The sight of mold growth in or around your building is never a good sign, but mold around your HVAC unit is even worse. With mold in this particular location of your commercial space, you could have mold spores circulating throughout your business interior throughout the day and night. Not only is mold around your HVAC unit a sign of dirty or contaminated ductwork, but it is also indicative of excess moisture in your system.

Noisy Ductwork in Your Space

Ductwork in your space will undoubtedly make noise as it works throughout the day. However, any noises that are out of the ordinary, such as exceptionally loud or strange noises coming from your ductwork may be a sign of ducts that need professional cleaning. Such noises are indicative of possible blockages in your ducts, which will also affect the amount of air that can be circulated throughout your space.

Significant Time has Passed Since Your Last Filter Change

If you cannot remember the last time that you changed your air filters, it may be time for a professional air duct cleaning. Over time, allergens, dirt, and debris can become caught in your filters, leading to dirty ducts and poor air quality within your space.

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